14 June 2011

THE BUDROWS - Free ep download - Limited Time Only!

"In preparation of the release of The Budrows NEW CD coming your way very soon, we are giving away our 8 song demo CD download for FREE....you read it right, FREE. If you haven't gotten this foot stompin' demo yet, now is your chance. This will be available for a limited time as a FREE download, but only until the NEW album comes out.
Feel Free to share this link and enjoy your FREE music.


Annotated Margins said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick, cool blog, love the quote by Junior Kimbrough. Thanks so much for sharing our download, we have new album coming out soon that includes our new harmonica/flute player...he rips.
Jason (The Budrows, 100% foot stompin' cigar box rock n' roll)