13 June 2011


DJ Hillfunk reminded me that yesterday was Charlie Feathers birthday. I thought it fitting that I remind you what Mr. Feathers said about his friend Mr. Kimbrough:
Junior Kimbrough Is The Beginning And End Of All Music.

You'll find those words on Mr. Kimbrough's gravestone.


Ted Drozdowski said...

Amen! Robert Palmer once inscribed a copy of his book Deep Blues to me with: "Junior Kimbrough lives!" At the time both of them did, but no matter, because for those of us who know some of the secrets, they both still do and always will. The new edition of Scissormen, with Matt Snow on drums, just played "All Night Long" in Hattiesburg this weekend, and those folks all know Junior Kimbrough lives, too. - Ted Drozdowski, Nashville

Annotated Margins said...

I truly believe that Junior Kimbraugh was, and still is, the beginning and end of all music.