04 September 2011

HUSKY BURNETTE in Saint Augustine FL @ Ann O'Malley's 08.28.11

A couple weeks ago I had the honor and pleasure of sitting in on drums for Husky Burnette for two nights. Joining us for a few songs on Saturday night was Philip Westfal on Banjo Cello.  Philip works for Goldtone Banjos down the road a piece in Titusville, FL. Philip and his lovely wife Katie ( who shot the video for me) had seen Husky play in Orlando ( Philip was on the bill too, along with the one-man band, Lone Wolf ) and decided to come to Saint Arrrgustine for the weekend to hang and see the show. It was a fantastic weekend of music that left me happily drained. It was made even better by having some old friends in the crowd that I hadn't seen in ages. I need to play gigs like that more often. Thanks guys!


olds said...

killer stuff...looks like good time.

Licia said...

This is an italian blog about the blues! It's newly born, so please, help me to grow up! In the neme of the blues!