03 March 2012


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They look like a bunch of nice ex-AV nerds but they rock it down and out like it's goin' out of style. Bless this post-Black Keys punk/rock-infected-blues era!  The kids are singin' like they went to sleep listening to Danny Auerbach records thru an old transistor radio hidden under their pillow.  And that's ok. There is enough lost in that translation that Charlie Patton's War glows blue and bright in the hot hard baked Indiana night. Strapped with a very nice video and two fine free recordings available from Bandcamp, these boys are headed in the right direction, and to be honest what Charlie Patton's War is doing is closer to Auerbach's olde pre-BK's outfit The Barnburners than not, variety-wise. A lil' jazzy swanger like Hats Off To Duke butts up against a mysterious creeper like Black Bell then we're off on a Jim Jones Revue-y ripper in Call Me Baby. But comparisons aside, this is their thing and they sound just like Charlie Patton's War. 
Charlie Patton's War is populated by a bunch of Recording Arts students from Indiana U. Been together about a year and a half but sound like they've been together longer and like they've gigged a whole lot more than they have. Both recordings offered are live and sell what sounds like a terrificly thrilling show. They are currently in the running for a showcase at SXSW and I wish 'em the best. Do yrself a favor and go snag both albums by Charlie Patton's War for free right HERE
You'll be damn glad you did.

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