08 March 2012

TURCHi - Road Ends In Water

Turchi is Reed Turchi, boss of North Carolina's Devil Down Records who brought you the new Kenny Brown double-disc set, the Bill Ferris recordings of Mississippi Fred McDowell, a new release by long-time Junior Kimbrough sideman Little Joe Ayers, and a couple other very worthy works.

On his first solo album Turchi, who is based in Chapel Hill and plays guitar and sings,Chris Reali (a musicology student at UNC-Chapel Hill) on bass, and Cameron Weeks (Blackskies) on drums, and the group is joined by the great Luther Dickinson on three tracks.  The Lutherized songs, in particular Dr. Recommended (Satisfaction Guaranteed) has a wealth of swagger. Luther brings it, and it's hangin'. 

Turchi brings a Dylanesque-tone to Road Ends In Water akin to Bob's more recent work (I'd bet money a very discerning Dylan would dig this album) filtered thru Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside alumnus Kenny Brown. Reed Turchi could almost be, as Brown was to Burnside, Kenny's adopted son. That's not to say Turchi is aping. That's not it. But Kenny is a predominant and fine flavor.
Turchi is a tight band and I'd be very interested to see/hear them live. Reed and his friends have made a fine first album that reps them well. I look forward to hearing the next album after they've had a chance to get some serious roadwork under their collective trotters. This is original and very solid North Mississippi hill country (and delta blues reworks) that should satisfy any fan. You can get it HERE.

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