07 May 2012

THE EASY - OFFS Mean Trouble.

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The Easy-Offs are a couple of men from Montreal that our man in Texas turned us on to. By "us" I mean me.  Listening to their new album Life Is A Drone you'd be hard pressed to gather that by "a couple" I don't mean a whole helluva lot more than two. They do have a some friends helping out on a few tracks, some fuzzed-out bass on this one, some harp and/or backing vocals on that but for the most part, and regardless this is just good ol' raw, dirty, fkdup home-made rural blues rollin' in the soul and boogie, with ground and browned-down flourishes of wah-wah'd psychedelia. This is the sound of them dirty, sweaty, hairy grandkids of Paul Jones and R.L. Burnside after they got done messin' in the garage. Dig:

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