13 February 2013

10'000 - A Short Film About THE BONNEViLLES

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Our Northern Ireland friends The Bonnevilles are heading out on their first major tour this spring in support of their new album Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus. They've assembled this sort of audio/visual love letter of introduction that does a fine job of showing just how humbly badass they really are. The video for 10'000 was shot by Sean Duncan , who made the video for Good suits & Fightin Boots. The Bonnevilles throw down sweaty, poetic blues that soulfully rocks out like it's going out of style. Go see 'em and give them your money!

Psssst! Top Secret and in the works: 
A 10" 4 song vinyl affair for Twenty Stone Blatt Records coming in late spring!

1st March UK And Ireland Tour - O╩╝Connells Dundalk, Ireland
2nd March UK And Ireland Tour - Sweeneys Dublin, Ireland
3rd March UK And Ireland Tour - Ireland
8th March UK And Ireland Tour - The Zephr, Lemington Spa, England
9th March UK And Ireland Tour - The Prince Albert, Brighton, England
10th March UK And Ireland Tour - The Blues Bar, Harrogate , Leeds, England
14th March UK And Ireland Tour - Radar at QUB, Belfast, Northern Ireland
15th March UK And Ireland Tour - The Parlour Edinburgh Scotland
16th March UK And Ireland Tour - Scotland
17th March UK And Ireland Tour - Scotland

Who else digs these dudes brand new slab?
The Irish Times 
"...grief lurks over their second album like a leaden spectre. McGibbon’s whiskey-soaked voice is a powerful tool, driving home the likes of on of Reverbio with a steely fortitude and scaling it back for the tender shimmer of Separate Ways. Occasionally recalling the shady stalk of contemporary artists such as Dan Sartain..." 4/5

Mojo Magazine 
"... stunning of the wall twisted punk blues - makes the Black Keys seem like a bunch of pussys..." 4/5

Alternative Ulster Magazine 
"...it’s dense, it’s thrashy, and oh-so-dark. We always had an inkling The Bonnevilles weren’t the tea sippin’ kind, but Folk Art & The Death of Electric Jesus presents us with a solid slab of woe sure to convince any non-believers." 8/10

Incognito Magazine
Top 5 Songs of the year. “10,000″ by The Bonnevilles (Folk Art and the Death of Electric Jesus). If ZZ Top collaborated with a raw garage-rock duo, this song would be the result.
More Than Music

"Imagine a two-headed fuzz delta garage punk fusion that comes on like an incestuous relationship between The Black Keys and The Jon Spencer Blues channeled via Rory Gallagher, Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon." 

Dan Hegarty RTE 2FM Album of the week and #6 in Top100 Irish Albums of 2012
Vive Le Rock 8/10
Choice Meteor Music Prize Long List

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Kevin said...

Thanks so much for keeping up with these guys. They're wallet-busting good.