05 March 2013

SCOTT H BiRAM Update and Etc Etc...

I had the delightful opportunity to see Scott H Biram recently. The first time in a couple years and I'm happy to report that the show was top shelf, though sparsely attended, due to the first hard rain in months I'd reckon. 
The favorites were did, along with some powerfully Biram'd covers of Scott's homeboy Doc Watson, fellow Texan Mance Lipscomb, and a couple others. The best part of the night, besides seeing old friends, was the new songs. Covering a variety of styles the songs are classic Scott H Biram. Powerful, heavy country and blues as only he can do. 
One song in particular, his first about a vet called 'Nam Weed (written ten years ago Scott tells me) rivals the emotional power and poetry of songs like Lost Case Of Being Found and Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue. Scott says he's hoping for a fall release of the new album but no guarantees. 

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