26 June 2013

DEEP BLUES FESTiVAL 2013 :: This weekend!

Man, if I had the dough i'd be at MSP's
 Bayport BBQ this
weekend for The Deep Blues Festival. Not only will this probably be the last DBF for Chris Johnson it will also be (arguably) it's best. Each year has been artistically terrific and more often than not down right thrilling and this year is no exception. The weekend will showcase an array of artists, each doing their own highly unique thang while kicking the dirty blues can a little further down the road.  

From the raw explosiveness of one-whoaman band Molly Gene who belts a howl like Lemmy and Janis' kid, to Guadalupe Plata, the kings of Spain's alt-blues scene to slide master Porkchop Holder to the hairy balls out clatter n' wail of PDX's bluesgrassed Hillstomp and Ft.Wayne's amazing punk rocked RL Burnside's bastard red bearded step children Left Lane Cruiser and the cerebral, soul baring roots of Possessed By Paul James and MSP's beloved Charlie Parr...to barely scratch the grimy surface...you'll be witness to a weekend of intense blues exploration. Purists (whatever that is) are advised to duck and cover.

Chris Johnson (and his family) has built a rep on being a class act on his own and doing right by the artists. Bands will not find a better guy to work for and with. I'm sad that I can't make it.  Each night looks curated (by Chris) to build not just through the night, but to raise a little more of a ruckus each night until Sunday night the place blows up in a muddy lake of moonshine, bbq, and blues. 

It's gonna be three days of good ol' punkass alt-blues and blues-infected music. I hope the weekend is being well-documented because it's going to be historic. 

The weekends schedule is below. Tell 'em I sent you.

Friday, June 21

4 p.m. - Charlie Parr
5 p.m. - Delaney Davidson
6 p.m. - Purgatory Hill
7 p.m. - Possessed by Paul James
8 p.m. - Hooten Hallers
9 p.m. - Left Lane Cruiser

Saturday, June 22
4 p.m. - Bloody Ol' Mule
5 p.m. - White Trash Blues Revival
6 p.m. - John the Conquerer
7 p.m. - Kings of the Fucking Sea (new Chet Weise outfit!)
8 p.m. - Johnny Walker and the Black Guards
9 p.m. - Mark Porkchop Holder

Sunday, June 23

4 p.m. - Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
5 p.m. - Soda Gardocki
6 p.m. - Hillstomp
7 p.m. - Dead Exs f/ Van Campbell of Black Diamond Heavies on drums
8 p.m. - Guadalupe Plata
9 p.m. - Reverend Deadeye

Tickets for the 2013 Deep Blues Festival are $175 for the whole weekend, and $70 for a single day. The price of the ticket includes all-you-can eat barbeque. You cannot beat that. Go HERE for more info.

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