25 June 2013

LORETTE VELVETTE - Somethin' crawlin' 'round my bed // Junior's Groove

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Some of y'all that have been in to this whateveryouwannacallit-blues sound for a good long while will remember Lorette Velvette's name. She's a Memphis gal that worked with Tav Falco a bunch.  She did a cool album in 2000 called Rude Angel that had some slightly garage rocked north Mississippi hill country vibes to it, and she was one of the first non-trad blues artists to use that sound. At some point she was included in the film Wayne County Ramblin'. After that it seemed like she disappeared. Now it looks like shes back in the game and in good form. Glad to hear it!

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Editors said...

Very smooth Velvette... a worthy heir to the throne of another rockin' Memphis blueswoman-- maybe the first-- Memphis Minnie. Check out our new article on this tough-as-nails master guitarist: http://www.blueplanetjournal.com/travel/goin-down-to-memphis-beauty-and-the-blues.html