23 June 2013

RED MOUTH :: The Darkness Of My Mind b/w Soul Of A Man 7" and New Album

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The old so n' so sounds like the child of So n' So n' So n' So is a tired trope but who cares. Red Mouth is the third cousin of the step child of 16 Horsepower and the sister-wife of Johnny Dowd what was raised up by Jandek's neighbor's old roommate who once hitched a ride from Hasil Adkins up in WBGVA. It's a kind of creepy vernacular music born of DiY and solitude, of faith and disbelief, flint hard rurality and moonless nights. It's personal, man. You might need a couple listens to dig it. He's got something different happening within an underground 
(if there is such a thing as underground any more) country blues form. I welcome that.

You can hear and pay what you want for these two tracks at his BandCamp page right HERE

You can be really super cool and get the dirty ol' 7" that comes with a nice poster sleeve, and hefty vinyl.  Limited edition of five hundred. Five bucks. 

If you dig those two tracks pick up Red Mouth's new album. If you want to hear something familiar yet mysterious, challenging yet classic and new you might throw your ears on this ::

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