26 April 2014

LEO WELCH - Sabougla Voices!

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Where ever you are, have a sip, tap your foot, stomp it even in fellowship with your friends and rejoice with the Lord and Leo “Bud” Welch. Crank it. - Kevin Nutt 

I had planned to spend a bunch of time typing out Mr. Welch's bio etc, but then I thought hell fire, you should get that from Kevin Nutt. He's the gospel expert and the guy who wrote the liner notes for Sabougla Voices.  About the only thing you need to know from me is that this is that Mr. Welch was born in 1932, and this is his first album. It came about after a friend of Mr. Welch's made a recording of a performance, sent it off to Bruce Watson at Fat Possum Records/Big Legal Mess Records to see if they'd be interested in recording him. The rest is history. 

“I believe in the Lord, but the blues speaks to life, too. Blues has a feeling just like gospel; they just don’t have a book.” — Leo Bud Welch

Sabougla (pronounced sha-BOW-gla) Voices is the perfect balance between Saturday night juke and Sunday morning church. Funky, raw, and North Mississippi trancey mixed with fine, rural call and response praise. Mr. Welch is backed by Jimbo Mathus his band Tri-State Coalition, plus members of Water Liars, and a Drive-By Trucker, plus two back-up singers from church. Absolutely essential stuff.


Shaky Joe Chuddy said...

This is a great story and proves that you should never give up hope.

Sheindie said...

Hi ... I'm a Delta Blues Photographer and enjoyed meeting Leo in 2010 before he became the Superstar he is today :D ~ Vencie, too ~ I think you will enjoy my BLUE BLUES BLUES blog just as I enjoy your blog .. it's sheindie.wordpress.com here and loads of my photos are on flickr ... I enjoyed your story a lot ~ Shein Die