08 May 2014

WHiTE TRASH BLUES REViVAL - Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen...

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If your taste in blues runs towards PBR n' bourbon fueled howling, a clattery and batterie of tubs n' skins and a boomin' fat-bottomed bass, all skewered by the NHRA haulass of a distorted and savage slide gitar, then y'all'd dig The White Trash Blues Revival. They rock via galvinized washtub bass, skateboard slide gitar, and a two-man double drummer percussionaut set up that's flogging hell on beer kegs, steamer trunks, and cardboard boxes while using trash can lids for cymbals.
Has it been done, this contraption of a band? Damn straight. And done well with bands like Hillstomp being the most obvious example. Does that mean anything? Nope. Is it a first album? Yeah. It pretty much rocks. If you like those jankety crackety records of Tom Waits you'll surely dig this. They're a new band doing something different, and they've come very close to nailing that something on this album.

The band was originally slapped together as a last minute joke addition to a world's worst band competition but White Trash Blues Revival, these Kings of Fort Wayne, Indiana (FTW!) aka Joe Bent (Skiddely-bo and vocals), Sausage Paw aka Brenn Beck of Left Lane Cruiser  on trashcans/stompin'), Ando Anderson (Gutbucket Bass of Death) and Pete Dio (keg & cardboard boxwound up crushing all comers by actually being by all accounts really fkng great.

I figgered y'all shouId now more about these fellows, so I gave Ando a holler (he's the strapping lad that slaps the washtub bass) for an interview::

DB (ricksaunders):: How was the show with Goddam Gallows? It's always good to play with like bands. I'd think y'all would be a good match for a great show.

So what's the history of this outfit?
How did thinking...Gee...we should start a band come about?

ANDO:: The Goddamn Gallows show was a riot! Their crowd really dug us and the Gallows tore the place apart as usual. We've actually been very lucky to play shows with a lot of great bands that we're fans of and friends with. The Brass Rail which is our hometown dive bar/rock venue holds what has become an annual event called the Battle of the Worst Band. At the time of the first one, Joe Bent and I (Ando) were both bouncing at The Rail and we were chatting with the creator of the event and I made the crack that I had a washtub bass at home, and Joe chimed in that he could put strings on a skateboard and I had remembered that Brenn of Left Lane Cruiser had used a cardboard box and some other random items during an acoustic LLC set. The three of us took the stage as Poopy Dick & the Dickfucks having never practiced together or played together at all, and at the end of our 20 minute set we had 3 real offers for shows, so we changed our name and it's now been two years as a band.

DB:: Whats next? More recording? More shows? Whats happening?

ANDO:: We're doing a little bit of personnel changing. We picked up a second drummer, Pete Dio the Cousin of the Man of the Silver Mountain, when Brenn couldn't do a gig because of LLC. But Brenn has decided to focus solely on that project, they're pretty good, I hope they do well.

We're also in the planning stages of a live EP called "The Worst of White Trash Blues Revival Live." There are a few songs we do live that aren't on the Shit EP or Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen that will be on there and there will be a couple repeats as well. But the songs in our set list now have grown and evolved from when we recorded ...Now Listen that people will still love it.

We have some shows planned, a small music fest in Union City, Ohio, a festival in Missouri at the end of May. And we're always playing with our friends when they come to the Rail in FTW.

DB:: Whats the old line up and whos in the new line up?

ANDO:: We started out as a 3-piece with Joe, Ando and Brenn and had Pete as an alternate. We decided to add Pete as a permanent second drummer so we were a four piece. Now, we're back to a 3-piece with Pete as the permanent drummer.

DB:: Who does everybody play with when they arent doing this?

ANDO:: Joe Bent is the new bass player for Left Lane Cruiser and is also the stand up bass player for Pete's country duo Old & Dirty, Pete has a rock n roll band, Riverbottom Nitemare Band, that he does vocals and guitar for, he also has a hip-hop persona he calls Electric Anus.

I think people are ready for a new album from us, we've been playing the same set and selling the same cd for the last two years. The song writing is pretty organic, I wrote most of the lyrics on "Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen" and printed them in a book for Joe and then we'd just play them on stage. As a matter a fact, one of our newest songs, "Girl, I tried," Joe wrote the lyrics 5 minutes before we opened up for Bob Log III and people loved it so we kept playing and "perfecting" it. Before Pete started playing with us full time we were closer to a jam band than a blues band, our songs had very little structure and we'd jam them out for 10 minutes. With Pete's punk drumming background he keeps the songs to around 4 minutes.

DB::  Anything else people should know?*
*btw, It must be noted that Ando also designs tons of cool posters/shirts/etc for bands (including WTBR) and otherwise via PrettyGoodPosters. Check him out.

ANDO:: We're looking at some European dates towards the fall. Hopefully Muddy Roots next summer.

DB:: Good luck and thanks for your time, Ando!

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