22 May 2014

If you're gonna go to one blues festival in Switzerland this year make it the only one that matters :: CRiSSiER BLUES RULES FESTiVAL

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I had a chance to talk to Vincent Delsupexhe about his upcoming Blues Rules Festival in Cressier, France, June 7th to 9th. Blues Rules has been going on for a few years now and each year they attract some the coolest blues, alt-blues, what-ever-you-wanna-call-it-blues bands to a picturesque small town in Switzerland and putting on a festival on the grounds of a small castle

Deep Blues:: How did the Blues Rules Festival get started?

Vincent Delsupexhe:: I created it with a friend this is our boy. Usually Thomas is up to all the sponsorship, media, logistics and swiss connection. And I'm more into the artistic part (line up, graphics) but things are made together - we both selected the bands and taking decision. And during the festival I'm in charge of the musicians and he takes care of the stage crew.

DB:: How'd the idea for the fest first come about?

VD:: Having a beer in Paris 18months before the 1st festival Thomas and I hardly knew each other, he told me "you like blues, you have connections with some people in the USA (Kenny Brown), I love blues too, what about having our own festival? "

DB:: How many years has the fest been running? What's your connection to Kenny Brown? Tell me about the festival site. Where's it located and how/why did you choose it?

VD:: The festival is located in the small town of Crissier, in the suburb of Lausanne, up in the hill above the Leman Lake. It realIy happens in the garden of a castle... I had met Kenny in 2006 in Paris and he told me "if you love blues, come to Mississippi" so I bought my ticket that night to travel there. I met Kenny (again) in summer 2006 at the Ground Zero, Clarksdale, and then at his picnic in 2008 and 2010. He introduced me to the people there...Stacy D Lee  and Chris Johnson helped me a lot, too.

We chose the Crissier castle because of the crazy scenery and because Thomas was living there too.

Here you'll find the previous lines-up's, plus some words from some bands "paroles d artistes."

In 2010: The 1st edition with 23 bands like from USA: Black Diamond Heavies, Wes Mackey, Scissormen, Reid Paley trio, Blue Mother Tupelo, Shake it Like a Caveman, Red Mouth, Boom Chick, Ian Thomas
From Europe: Dave Arcari, Honkeyfinger, Rev. Tom Frost, Bena & Ptaszek, Veronica Sbergia, Hell's Kitchen, Mama Rosin, Jim Murple Memorial, Yom From Mars, T.Rogers, Guitar Fucker, Wonkeyman, Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra, Producteurs de Porc.

2011: This was the second edition of the Blues Rules Crissier Festival...
We reduced a bit the line up but 16 bands will share the unique stage there in the castle garden:
- Kenny Brown (USA)
- Bob Log III (USA)
- Roland Tchakonté trio (F)
- Eric McFadden trio (USA)
- Chapel Hill (F)
- Wes Mackey (USA)
- Vermillion Sands (I)
- Rev. DeadEye & his Broken Spirits (USA)
- Scissormen (USA)
- Hillstomp (USA)
- Captain Moustache & Fredo Ignazio (CH), Lubos Bena & Matej Ptaszek (SK), Floyd Beaumont & the Arkadelphians (CH), Sevdah Dragi Moj (CH), Hannibal Slim & Captain Boogie (CH) The last ones from the list sent us a 3-pages-hand-written letter to ask us to play the Blues Rules... you should listen to their stuff!

2012: 16 bands including Possessed By Paul James, Molly Gene, Reverend Wilkins, the Rising Star Fife and Drum Corp.

2013: Castle was closed so we did a small European tour in Crissier, Lausanne, Paris and Rome with Robert Belfour, Left Lane Cruiser, and Lightin' Malcolm.

2014: Back to the castle ground with 16 bands,
Eric Bibb (USA)
Leo Bud Welch (USA)
Manu Lanvin and The Devil Blues (F)
Hell's Kitchen (CH)
Kent and Dexter Burnside (USA)
Wes Mackey (USA)
Restavrant (USA)
Thomas Schoeffler Jr. (F)
Sarah Savoy (USA/F)
Backyard Devils (CA)
Swamp Train (CH)
Dr. Buttler's Hatstand Medicine Band (UK)
Blackberry & Mister Boo-Hoo (F)
The Coconut Kings (CH)
Garden Sessions : Jynx (F)

Thanks Vincent!
It's a dream of mine to someday attend this fest. At least dreams are free. Check out these great videos from past festival performances::

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