18 December 2015

Texas' OLD GRAY MULE :: Live @ Perth Blues Club ::

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CR Humphrey, guitarist, singer, and good ol' mastermind from Texas' Old Gray Mule hooked me up with four free live tracks for you to download from the last night of their recent Australia tour. It's stunning to me that CR goes out as a two-piece team to kill all over Australia a couple times a year, everybody wants to jam with 'em because they're legit...but
hardly none of y'all know who Old Gray Mule is. And they're from Texas! Let's change that. Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention drummer C.W Ayon, a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist/one-man band from New Mexico is on the drums here. His funkiness and commitment is contagious, and he and CR really get down as a result.

Download these four pro-recorded live songs, hell...just download their take on Son House's Don't You Mind to get your head bobbin' hardcore. A lot of people cover this, but you ain't heard it like they're puttin' it down, Jack! It's pretty astounding that this two-piece pulls it off live. But they do indeed
Then you're gonna need the next track, Goin' Down South, which is pure Burnside'ed Texassissippi boogie-rock, and while you're at it you might just as well grab Old Gray Mule's take on Skip James' Rather Be The Devil which gets a super-funky turn, at times grooving about as close to P-funk as a two-piece blues-based outfit can.

The last song in this set is called Zagreb, a tightly funky rockin' north Mississippi-based boogie instro that just straight smokes. Humphrey says about the song, "It's a tune I wrote back in '09 that became the first song on Sound Like Somethin Fell Off The House which was the first OGM album. It's one of my favorite tunes but I hadn't been able to play it live since 2011, so it was great to dust it off and play it on this last tour. I wrote it after discovering a Croation guy on youtube called Bebe Na Vole and being all excited that there were other folks playing the kind of music I wanted to play."

CR tells me about this set, "The tunes were recorded by the sound guy, live at Perth Blues Club on Nov 17, 2015, which was a Tuesday for Christ's sake. Place was packed though, and they were dancing from the first song. We finished up after midnight, went to the hostel to pick up our bags, then scrambled for the airport because we had to be at the airport at 3am to catch our flights home. CW Ayon on drums and vocals, me on guitar and vocals. And oddly enough I think this was the only show of that whole tour where we didn't have anybody sitting in with us, and this was our first ever show in Perth and our first ever trip to Western Australia."

It's a dynamic live set that really show just how killer this band is. Download 'em. They're free.

Don't You Mind download

Goin' Down South download

Rather Be The Devil download

Zagreb download


Berni said...

Hi! I was excited to see this post, thanks. I can't get the downloads though. I can either play in soundcloud or when I right click to "save as" the only option is html, not mp3.
Happy new year!

Rick Saunders said...

Hey! I'm sorry you didnt get the downloads. The download button is not obvious, I should have given instructions. Here's the instructions:

Click the the word Download.
That'll take you to Cloud App.

At the top far right of Cloud App you'll see left to right the share sign, then an email sign, then yellow JOIN button, then three dots.

Click on those three dots.
A dropdown loads and you'll see Download File as an option.
Click it.

This should work for any mp3 links that i've posted on the site over the last couple of years.

Please send me a message via the Deep Blues facebook page if you have any problems. I'm happy to help.


Berni said...

Ah, got it. Thanks! Been resisting this cloud stuff, but guess it's time to get with it, ha ha.

Rick Saunders said...

Berni- I'm delighted you got the tracks. I hope you dig 'em!