15 January 2016

The Soul Blues of Boston's JULiE RHODES

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On Julie Rhodes YouTube channel
she sings a great set of classic-sounding soul blues of her own, plus a couple of covers, backed by her crackerjack band, or sometimes with just a guitarist, but all featuring her pawn shop cornet vocals, sometimes at full-whisper, sometimes at reveille, always with just the right fine grade of grit to grind or polish the song, as need be.

Always sure, always strong and soulful, Rhodes is a stylist who, along with her band, Jonah Tolchin - Guitar, Danny Roaman - Guitar, Matthew Murphy - Bass, Michael Bosco - Drums, and Sonny Jim Clifford on the harmonica, knows how to get down on a song, work it, and make it their/her own.

The story goes that Julie Rhodes had really only been singing for a couple of years when she was heard by singer/songwriter Jonah Tolchin (YepRoc) singing along to a song at a show that he was doing. He was so impressed that he ended up playing on, and co-producing her new album (in Muscle Shoals,) called Bound To Meet The Devil.

You're going to see her name in the future so you might as well get in on the ground floor on this. Here's her first single. I think it's terrific first effort and I look forward to seeing where she goes. Julie Rhodes debut album come out February 26th, 2016. Get it.

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