02 May 2021

DELTA HAiNTS : Cars Hiss By My Window - New Split 7" w/ The Ghost Wolves Out June 12th for Record Store Day!

DELTA HAiNTS cover The Doors' Cars Hiss By My Window (via LA Woman) on new (red vinyl!) split 7" w/ The Ghost Wolves
Something wicked this way comes to y'alls mailbox &  record store.

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Previous Delta Haints 7" - Ashes of My Mojo -
Available in beautiful ltd. ed Haint clear blue vinyl, baby!

26 April 2021

Black Keys Cover Junior Kimbrough's Crawlin' King Snake

I found it interesting to see this posted on the usually great Cover Me blog. Some basic historical points and comparisons were made and yet there was no mention of the fact that Dan, Pat, Kenny, and Eric are covering Junior Kimbrough's version.

Contrary to what's stated in the Cover Me post, this has nothing to do with Thorogood or The Doors or 1960's "psychedelic blues-rock" nor does Dan sing in a monotone and it's not an "open-ended jam."

I don't get the point of Cover Me's post. Granted, the songwriter is listed as John Lee Hooker, but the barest of research...a simple google search for Black Keys Crawlin' King Snake would or should clue you in. 
To not, at the very least, act as if you've heard Junior's version is just plain lazy. To be sure, Cover Me is a great blog and the fact that it's survived and thrived this long is beyond commendable considering how many music blogs have died in the last ten years. They just bobbled the research ball a bit on this one. Kudos to Dan, Pat, and particularly Kenny and Eric for keeping Junior Kimbrough's sound alive and presenting and representing that vibe to a new audience.

18 March 2021

NORTH MiSSiSSiPPi HiLL COUNTRY BLUES - A Poem by Ted Drozdowski

 A meditation on the great American musical style, accompanied by National Tricone, Theremin and yard fowl. Photos by Laurie Hoffma. Dedicated to John Sinclair.

03 August 2020


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Black River Bluesman (Finland) has a new web site. Be sure and take a look at their documentary Into The Deep Blues

Here's what I wrote about them back around the dawn of time:

"Jukka ´Black River Bluesman´Juhola and ‘Andy’ BAd Mood Hudson destroyed the woods and the mountains around their tiny hometown of Mustio Finland by carving their guitars and drums from whole ironwood trees with their bare hands and by using John Henry´s twelve-pound hammer (with four-foot handle) they beat down those mountains for brass, silver, and iron (and coal to fire this thing) to fashion the rest of the parts they needed. When they were finished they stomped their thirst with a bottle of RL Burnside´s Bloody Mthrfckr and sat down in the full moonlight at that muddy crossroads between Holly Springs Mississippi, Mustio (Black River) to play Their raw dirty beautiful Blues.” 

BRB uses every manner of Lowebow Cigar Box Guitars built by the great alt-luthier John Lowe. Be sure and check those out, too!

02 October 2019

NO OTHER LOVE : MiDWEST GOSPEL (1965-1978) via Tompkins Square Records


LiSTEN! to Journey by Joanne & Sonny! 

This collection of rare black gospel from the Midwest—featuring church congregations, basement recordings sessions, family bands and children’s choirs—is drawn together by two threads. The first—hope—which holds fast and unchanging, even in the most trying of circumstances. The second—circumstance—the way these recordings fell into the hands of producer, Ramona Stout, in Chicago at the dawn of the Obama era, when she had just about lost hope in her American Dream.

Over the course of five years (2006-2011) of vinyl hustling in Chicago’s South and West Sides, these 45s came into Ramona’s hands, mixed up in milk-crates stacked with Northern Soul, water-damaged jazz and Hall & Oates LPs. After much travel and time, Ramona has articulated the spirit that drove this music forward. In this collection, she writes of this music and its relationship to the struggling communities where the records were found.

Sourced from exceedingly rare 45s—many of which were vanity pressings of less than 100 copies—all but one of the tracks found on this collection appear for the first time since their original release. Remastered by Grammy-winning producer Christopher King, these recordings have been resurrected for a new generation of listeners. With art direction by Grammy-winning graphic designer Susan Archie, this collection is a tangible, immersive experience in the struggles—the victories, the failures and the lingering hope—that defined Chicago in the post-Civil Rights era.

No Other Love is a singular, impressionistic journey into music that expresses faith, despair and exuberance. It is also a profound exploration of the very meaning of hope.

All tracks used by permission.

Tracks :

1. It’s Going to Pay
Bro. Randy Wilson
2. I Want You to Help Me
The Travelers of Zion
3. No Other Love
Messiahs of Glory
4. Christmas in Heaven
Rev. H.H. Harrington
5. Try Jesus
Gospel Carolets
6. The Number
Wondering Gails
7. Journey
Joanne & Sonny
8. You Can’t Make It
The Georgia Brooks Singers
9. God is Using Me
The Harmony Five
10. Christ Rose
Rev. John Thomas and the New Christian Fellowship Church Choirs
11. Black Pride
Rev. H.H. Harrington
12. I’m Gonna Stand Still and Do My Master’s Will
Sunday Night Service, New Home Baptist Church
Rev. Mack McCollum w/ Combined Choirs
13. Rocky Road
Joanne & Sonny
14. Why
Sister Mary Lucas and The Harambee Singers of Sacred Heart School

No Other Love : Midwest Gospel (1965-1978)
Available November 8, 2019
CD : TSQ 5661 / LP : TSQ5678
Distributed by INgrooves in NA, Cargo UK for Europe