18 December 2008

Mr. Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich aka The Silver Fox (1932-1995)

"I really don't like happy music. I don't think it says anything." - Charlie Rich

"Charlie Rich had the intuitive instinct to feel, see and hear pain, disappointment, happiness and joy and somehow transmute it into music. I don’t know anyone who has ever written or sung in a way that depicted more of the humanity of man, with greater melodic beauty, than Charlie Rich." "I don’t think I ever recorded anyone who was better as a singer, writer, and player than Charlie Rich. It is all so effortless, the way he moves from rock to country to blues to jazz."
- Sam Phillips founder of Sun Records

"I think a guy who’s had just the right amount of booze can sing the blues a hell of a lot better than a guy who is stone sober." -Charlie Rich

It's a tough call recommending the ultimate Charlie Rich recording. The one titled "Ultimate" isn't. The best one is out of print. It's got the demo version of Feel Like Goin' Home. It's still available from Amazon sellers) or via MP3. But I would/could recommend This One and/or This One. The one I want is his final album Pictures and Paintings.

If you like Charlie Rich you might enjoy pokin' around
Charlie Rich Jrs site. He answers a lot of questions you
might have about his daddy.

Charlie Rich- Feel Like Goin' Home (demo version) MP3


Anonymous said...

As soulful as it comes, truly moving.

Thanks for posting


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend the Sun collection and then single albums of the post-Sun stuff, otherwise you start running into some of the more lamentable Countrypolitan 'hits'.

Anonymous said...

my favourite Charlie song is , "Tomorrow Night"...